The rationale behind my public rate disclosure? It fosters trust through transparency. Also, mismatched expectations regarding rates only leads to wasted time for both parties involved. Naturally, the listed rates serve as a guide to assist you with knowing if I fall within your marketing budget. And some services are not listed because of the wide range in value/time for each company/project. Each project's cost may vary based on its scope, complexity, and required research depth. Other factors like my schedule availability also influence the rates.

Copywriting / SEO / Email / SMS / E-Books / White Paper / Web Development / PPC Marketing

I drive projects to completion and understand tech and emerging businesses, and can translate this into convincing copy. This helps clients maximize their budgets and publish content they’re proud of.

Publication/Content/Blog Copywriting Services
Editorial Article with SEO (1,200–2,000 words) $750–$2,250
Editorial Piece for a Newsletter (600–800 words) $200–$500
Blog Post (600–1,000 words) $750–$1,250
Case Study (6–10 pages) $1,200–$2,000
Special Report (8–12 pages) $2,000–$7,000
E-book $2,000–$7,000
Stand-alone Email $250–$2,000
E-newsletter $800–$1,500
Direct Mail: Sales Letter Package $1,500–$5,000+

SEO Strategy and Training: $500/hr

White Paper
Product/Service Focused White Paper
Problem-Solution White Paper
Budget range: $6,550 – $9,000

*For Services Below Please Contact for Value Based Pricing*

SEO Copywriting Individual Services
Optimizing a Page
Writing a Small Website

PPC Copywriting Individual Services
Single PPC Ads
Full PPC Campaign

PPC Campaign Management
Manage the Entire Process and Ongoing

Landing Page Copywriting by Type
Information Page
Subscription Page
*Sales Page*
Sales Pages Pricing is Broken Down By Equivalent Length in Print:
One Page
Two to Four Pages
Six to 20 Pages