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Anthony Patrick

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The AP Team at is a premier copywriting service that assists a diverse range of businesses in crafting compelling, actionable, and value-driven content. Our portfolio boasts collaborations with renowned brands and businesses, reflecting our commitment to excellence.

Join Our Freelance Roster

We are always on the hunt for gifted A-Players. We want freelance content writers to collaborate with us on a continuous basis. By joining our team of freelancers, you'll be immersed in a world of intriguing assignments, streamlined processes, and courses designed to sharpen your writing skills. 

Our writers often share their appreciation for the nurturing environment we provide:

“As a writer, the desire is to collaborate with those who truly understand the essence of quality writing. The AP Agency ( embodies this understanding. They recognize the significance of a comprehensive brief, the space for creativity, and the importance of constructive feedback. Their proactive approach to enhancing the writer's experience through regular interactions is commendable. Being a part of this freelance team has undoubtedly refined my writing skills.”

Our long-standing relationships with clients stem from our ability to seamlessly integrate into their operational frameworks and adapt to their unique brand voices. This role is ideal for writers who can effortlessly switch between different writing styles, adhering to specific content guidelines.

If you possess expertise in areas like marketing, sales, business finance, HR, or any other business-related domain, you're already a step ahead! For any queries, feel free to explore the FAQ section at the end of this page.

Why write for The AP Agency?

Over the years, we've developed robust content strategies that consistently drive results, even in the most competitive markets. Our commitment is not just to churn out content but to craft pieces that are insightful, unique, and purposeful. Our success is measured by the empowerment our readers derive from our content.

Joining our freelance team comes with several perks:

  • A stable and long-term freelance retainer.
  • Opportunities to deepen your understanding of content marketing, SEO, and digital PR.
  • Engage with leading industry accounts.
  • Collaborate with a team of skilled content marketers and editors.
  • Enhance your marketing acumen.
  • Exclusive access to our in-house content and marketing courses.

Your Role

Your primary responsibility will be to produce authoritative, comprehensive content that enlightens and educates our audience, aiding our clients in achieving their objectives.

Upon coming on board, you'll work closely with our senior editors on briefs and drafts, receiving all the necessary resources to craft detailed content outlines. Your content should stand out, brimming with detailed examples, actionable insights, and a coherent narrative.

Your tasks will include:

  • Researching topics to identify pain points and analyzing competitors.
  • Crafting outlines to ensure a logical flow.
  • Writing engaging, informative, and actionable content.
  • Incorporating relevant examples and visuals.
  • Citing authoritative sources when required.
  • Adhering to client-specific guidelines.
  • Collaborating with the AP Team on each assignment.

Content Types You'll Handle

  • Blog Articles: Comprehensive pieces aimed at driving traffic, enlightening readers, and facilitating conversions.
  • Content Refreshing: Revitalizing existing content with fresh insights.
  • Landing Pages: SEO-optimized product pages.
  • Email Content: Newsletters and promotional campaigns.
  • Ebooks: Detailed guides packed with value.

We're Seeking Writers Who:

  • Are passionate about crafting detailed, actionable content on various B2B topics.
  • Aim to produce the best content on any given topic.
  • Can seamlessly adapt to diverse writing styles.
  • Possess expertise in areas like marketing, sales, finance, HR, etc.
  • Are eager to grow as writers and value feedback.
  • Write clearly and concisely.
  • Understand the nuances of on-page SEO.
  • Are organized and deadline-driven.
  • Communicate effectively and reliably.

By joining us, you'll gain insights from a sophisticated content marketing approach and interact with some of the industry's notable figures.

Our freelance writers receive $600 for each long-form blog article, with potential increments based on performance and project scope.


  • Word Count: Typically, projects range from 2,000 to 3,000 words.
  • Clients: We cater to B2B and various other sectors. Visit our homepage for more details.
  • Onboarding Process: We initiate with a paid test task, followed by a client project.
  • Content Types: Majority of our projects are blog articles, supplemented by landing pages, ebooks, guest posts, etc.
  • Workflows: We have structured processes in place. Writers receive a brief, collaborate with editors, and produce value-driven drafts. Our editors are always available for support.
  • Ghostwriting: Most of our content is ghostwritten, with occasional attributions to writers.
  • Project Management Tools: We utilize ClickUp for project communications and provide necessary training.

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